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Brainteaser: Hidden Animals


Have you got any idea of what a brainteaser is?
A brainteaser is sort of a puzzle which requires thought to solve. So, among lots of puzzles, I decided to select the most interesting brainsteasers to share with you.

Hidden in each sentence is the name of an animal. Each can be found either in
the middle of a word or by combining the end of one word with the beginning of
the next, such as:
Marc owns a sporting goods store.
The hidden animal in this sentence is cow!

Here is a challenge for you guys, if you find out the hidden animal prove it!
1. Cuba won the gold medal, and America took the silver.
2. To and fro goes the pendulum.
3. Eating oatmeal was Charles’ favorite thing to do.
4. “Ski down the beginner’s slope,” said the instructor.
5. They do good work.
6. The politician said, “We, as elected officials, are employees of the public.”.
7. Susan came late to the party.
8. If your answers differ, retry the problem.
9. Sara made Eric apologize for being mean.
10. Magnus ate a whole bowl of popcorn while watching the movie.
11. Noah entered the ark with his family.
12. Chris’ new-found prestige really has gone to his head.
13. Steffi should be pleased with the results.
14. Jesse allowed only four goals the entire season.
15. John scraped his elbow on the pavement.

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